Just for the stove fitter!

To any of my blog followers who are reading this because they got an email notification and are wondering why I’ve started posting ‘out of hours’, well actually this isn’t really for you. I decided that the easiest way to share a load of multi-megabyte photographs without exploding my outbox was to dump them on here.

So sorry – but this is just lots of dull photographs, intended to illustrate the madness of my roof design to the lovely chap who’s designing the flue for my woodburner. Normal service will resume again on Sunday!!

Julian – for your info:

  1. The fireplace – as it was being built

2. The fireplace finished


3. The loft space


4. The measurements (shown as if standing at the opposite end to the picture above)



5. The roof angle

Based on my O’level maths trigonometry

140 ÷ 200 = 0.7

Tan-¹ (0.7) = 34.99°

(and yes, there was a spirit level under the set square!)



6. The challenge!

There is a supporting beam, just beyond the point where the flue will need to come through the wall of the snug into the loft space, that cannot be cut/moved/tampered with… (or at least not without involving an engineer and a huge amount of money…)


I think there is sufficient clearance space but there is also a noggin at the top of the plasterboard of the wall of the snug that needs to be taken into account


The light fitting will be moved, that’s not a problem. But I think that although the measurement of that piece of plasterboard is just over 40cm, the maximum height that the flue pipe can come through, in order to be clear of all obstacles is about 30cm


Hope all this helps!

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