Bits, Bobs, Odds & Sods

I have a Masters degree in ‘The Art of Procrastination and Daydreaming”. (Well I would have, if there were such a thing.)

Which means when I’ve decided on what the next job is to tackle in the barn, I spend hours staring at it – working through in my head all the steps involved, how long they will take, what it will look like when I’ve finished, imagining how chuffed I’ll feel when it’s done. (Actually, given that I’m in no way a professional builder there’s also quite a lot of protracted head-scratching…) You get the idea – I am a professional time-waster.

Unfortunately, I also have the attention span of a 2-year old. Which means after I’ve wasted precious hours staring at the job to be done, when I do finally get cracking, going at it with great gusto, I then very quickly get bored and wish I’d never started.

In my defence I will point out that given the exaggerated proportions of the barn, most jobs I undertake are a bit bigger than the average self-builder will have to tackle. Anybody would get bored with the repetitiveness of some of these jobs.

So whilst it was really exciting when I got to put the first slate on the roof:


It was the 10,699 remaining that became a bit tedious….

(Hence the glowering looks in my profile picture!)

It was a similar story with the internal wall building. Putting up the first stud wall that created the first proper room in the house was thrilling. But after a few more, when it felt like I was rebuilding a forest, the excitement wore off a bit.

Ditto the plasterboarding…. And the floor slating….. And the painting…. And I don’t even want to think about the 18,000 little mosaic squares on the floors and walls of my bathroom…

What it all means is that I’m actually not great at finishing things off. (For anyone who knows what Belbin is, I am never going to be the Completer/Finisher in the team!) I get to the point where I’ve just had enough of whatever endless task I’m doing, and I just want to move on to something new. I promise myself ‘I can finish that off later….’

As a result I have lots of little bits & pieces of jobs that haven’t quite been finished off. For example

  • There are about half a dozen slates that need to be cut to size to completely finish off the flooring
  • There are a few bits of plasterboard that need cutting to size to finish off the walls
  • There are a couple of little corner edges that need to be finished on the stair trims I built
  • There are a few tiles that need cutting to size and putting up in the bathrooms
  • & lots more…..

I used to make lists. But they were either so long I’d just sit there and get depressed about so much to do in so little time. Or I’d cheat and cross things of because “well it’s nearly finished, it will be next weekend, so I can just cross it off the list now because then I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something….”

So here’s the deal. This blog so far is being written as I sit waiting for my flight home on a Friday night. Let’s see whether the pressure of having to confess the extent of my laziness over the weekend does anything to get me working! I promise to show some before and after pictures of what I actually can get done when I put my mind to it. Until Sunday then……………..

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