Bending the walls….

You would think that in the face of wonky walls and uneven floors, I would crave some straight lines in the barn – just to make things like tiling easier.

But if I can make a thing more difficult than it needs to be, evidently I will.

As I think I’ve mentioned, in my lovely ME space upstairs, I have a fair amount of space in the bathroom. So I decided to install a sauna. And since it sits right at the entrance to the room, I thought that curving the walls would be a cool thing to do – without giving any thought to how, (or £how much!)

Curved walls in the bathroom – one of those things that seem like a really good idea at the time – when you’re sitting dreaming up trendy schemes for your interiors – without any kind of reality check on budgets, practicality or do-ability. Or when you’ve indulged in posh magazine overload and think you can emulate the look of the squillion pound homes in their glossy photos….

There are 3 possible outcomes to this kind of dreaming:

1. You have oodles of cash that you hand over in large wodges to an interior designer and let them deliver the dream.

2. You realise that you simply can’t afford the extra mortgage to pay for the interior designer, so you stick to bog-standard straight lines and ‘soften the look’ with a few cushions or something.

3. You know you don’t have the squillion pounds to spend but are too stubborn to give up on your super-trendy dream ideas, and therefore decide to do it anyway (also known as the ‘DIY hell or high water’ approach).

Guess which option I took. Curved walls in a bathroom – well how hard can it be? Surely all you have to do is just build a frame and wrap some bendy wall stuff round it. Right?

Building the frames was relatively simple.

All I needed to do now was wrap some ‘bendy stuff’ round the outside. I had a vague memory from primary school  days, that when making  ‘Blue Peter’ type craft projects we were taught that if you ‘scored’ your bit of cardboard with a sharp knife, it became bendy enough to create curves. In my infinite wisdom I decided the same logic could be applied to plasterboard. So I scored the length of a piece of plasterboard multiple times and then tried to wrap it round my curved wall. Total disaster! Plasterboard, apparently, is not like cardboard – absolutely zero flexibility! I just ended up with lots of broken bits of unusable plasterboard!

On to Plan B. Do what any sensible person would have done in the first place. Google it. And the all-knowing internet came back with lots of websites selling ‘Curved wallboard’. Well that should do the trick!


(In defence of my mad attempt to DIY a curved board, I will point out here that this stuff is just some form of board, deeply scored. So my theory was perfectly sound. It just so happens that this stuff is a lot more flexible than plasterboard…)

So all I needed to to do was attach my ‘bendy stuff’ to the frame…

Actually dead easy to work with. And not that expensive either.

So after that, bendy wall board was too much fun to resist: Curved cupboard, curved steps, curved seat in the shower. There is no limit to things you can curve………

Of course, the next questions is how do you tile a curved wall? But that’s a whole new challenge……

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